What is a nightmare? Waking up in the middle of the night thinking you are falling from a tall building. Dreaming you are in the middle of the desert without any water. Driving down a winding road without guardrails and learning that you have no brakes!

But, you know what else could be considered a nightmare – at age 55 and having been employed by the same company for 25 years being downsized (let go); learning that you need a triple by-pass heart operation, only to learn 24 hours later that you also have prostate cancer; being rushed to the hospital in the middle of a hurricane because you suffer a gall bladder attack and need immediate surgery to remove it.

However, if there is one thing we should keep uppermost in our minds regardless of how the serendipity of life has dealt with us, it will soon pass. If we would remember one thing in life or one quote that would be accurate at all times and in all situations – it would be “this too, shall pass”.

So whatever nightmare you are facing – pull yourself up by your bootstraps and say to yourself “this too, shall pass”.



3 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. That’s got our nightmarish years beat. That out of work period was bad, but now we are counting the months to retirement. If you haven’t made it though yet, remember your own words,

    1. Not only made it, but have been retired 20 years this December and have no regrets. Life has treated us well – my comment – “this too, shall pass” works. Thanks for reading my post.

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