As much as I had hoped to turn over a new leaf by posting one article a week on this site, apparently my laptop had other thoughts on the matter. Yup, my computer decided to thwart those plans by having a meltdown of sorts.

It’s act of defiance has literally thrown me into the darkness of – oh no – not being able to connect to the Internet. What will I do?

Let me briefly explain – long story short – I have a corrupt hard drive – operating at only 9% of its capabiljty. Talk about darkness – for someone that enjoys writing posts, keeping up with family shenanigans via Facebook, and just my everyday Internet surfing, being without my laptop 24/7 has been an eye-opening experience.

For instance, I found that in just the last two days, I have accomplished more around our house than I did when I had access to my laptop. Not being distracted by the Internet, I breezed through many projects rather quickly.

I also created a “to do” list of items I have been procrastinating about and believe it or not, I have actually been getting things done. I must admit though that this new found time will be short- lived as we will be heading out on the road again shortly.

Unfortunately, prior to returning home from our recent visit with our son we learned of my wife’s sister’s passing and so we are going to a “Celebration of Life” party. 

While some may think that when someone passes from this earth – they go into darkness – I tend to view the event in such a manner that they are merely re-uniting with friends and relatives that have gone ahead of us. When I think of both my parents and my wife’s parents, who have all since passed, I envision all of them sitting around a table playing penny ante, a favorite past-time of theirs.

Seeing that it was my wife’s sister that passed, rather than think that she has passed into the darkness, I would say “Farewell Peg, and who knows, perhaps they have an empty chair waiting for you so that you too can enjoy the game.

2 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. I enjoyed reading your darkness post. I agree about people moving on to rejoin already passed loved ones. I hope they have fun playing their game of penny ante. I also know what you mean about getting things done without the internet. Luckily, we are all hooked up here in Kona with wi-fi…and since we are on holidays, I don’t have any projects to work on:-).

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