Lakeland Musings by Irwin

Dear Blogging Friends and Followers: Good morning and in response to Sue’s (Jibber Jabber with Sue) challenge, let me be one of the first to take her up on the challenge.

Allow me to provide you all with just a brief message – well, knowing me – I don’t know how brief it will be – my message is to thank everyone that has read and commented on my blog. As you can see, I started this blog back in 2012, but have had problems keeping up with it due to several reasons, one of which is topics to write about.

I must admit though that the recent blog posting by Sue, sparked something in me as well and I intend to take up the challenge. I started this blog with the thought in mind to make it a money-making blog but deep down inside I think that thought process was erroneous. What I truly like doing is finding topics that you, those that read and follow my ramblings, enjoy reading about.

On occasion my posts have been informational while other times they have been off the wall so to speak providing you with lots of useless but fun (more like wild and crazy) information that hopefully you enjoyed. Deep down in my heart what I believe I am looking for while attempting to find my “niche” so to speak is to build an online community of friends that enjoy my ramblings and provide comment regarding same so that I might improve upon the topic or topics I am writing about.

Years ago I would have typed myself as a “pessimist” type person but some health issues back in 2004 sort of changed me and now I am definitely more of the “optimist” type person. I enjoy, as Sue put it, writing about fun, light, goofy or everyday type topic/musings that hopefully others in our blogging community would like to read about.

So Sue, I for one am willing to take up the challenge. I am interested, as you are, in learning what others within our blogging community find interesting and entertaining to read about. The word prompts have been good but I am primarily interested in building a following of individuals that tune into my blog weekly to see not only what I am up to but to comment on same as well pertaining to my ramblings.

By the way, Sue, looking at your picture, might I ask what type computer you are using as it is seems so small and compact – just what I have been looking for. At the moment I am typing this on a Microsoft Surface which is also small but I am finding the keyboard a bit tricky to master.

One last thing and this is to all those reading and following my blog, my ultimate goal is to build a following that will read and comment on my ramblings so that when we stop our traveling, I have an online community of friends to communicate with on a weekly basis. Have a great summer.

Irwin (aka) that wild and crazy guy from Lakeland, FL


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