Summer reminds us that we are retired and no longer have to shop during the hot part of the day – go shopping in the early morning hours or after the sun goes down

Summer means we will have to find other things to occupy our time as our favorite TV shows are on hiatus.

Summer is a time to visit the children on the west coast and walks on the beach enjoying both gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Summer is usually a time for enjoying fast quick meals as opposed to spending long hours in a hot kitchen.

Spring and fall run a close tie to being my favorite seasons with winter coming in third. Summer on the other hand comes in fourth due to the heat experienced in central Florida.

It is a Struggle to Find Time to Write

Writing, be it blog posts, short stories, articles for a newsletter or whatever has become a struggle for me. Not because I am at a loss for words but because it would seem that the older I get, the less time I seem to have for those things I truly want to do.

Being retired, one might think that as retirees we have all the time in the world to do anything we set our minds to doing. But, truth be told, that is not always the case. It depends on what we have set as our daily schedule of things to do. Another factor one does not remember to enter into the equation is that being retired and married, our time is not necessarily our own. Leastways not all the time.

Having lived in a 55+ retirement community for over ten years now, I have seen all types of scenarios when it comes to living the retirement life. There are retirees that are single, and retirees that are married. Some married couples do everything together while other married couples have this thing that they must each have their own space.

As a married couple, we are basically like the former – we tend to do quite a bit together and even when we are home, usually we do quite a bit together. Problem with this scenario is when one of the couple has an interest in doing something the other is not interested in. How then do you spend your time?

How does this relate to the word struggle? Well, attempting to find the time to write becomes a struggle. Although if one has a true desire to blog, write, and so forth – one finds the way. In my particular case, I have learned over the years that I do not need much sleep. As a result, I tend to do my writing either early in the morning or late at night.

Individuals reading my blog posts, short stories, or newsletter articles usually have positive comments to share with me and many times indicate that they cannot wait to see what next week’s blog post or next month’s article might be about.

And for me, that makes my making the time to write despite a busy schedule that takes up quite a bit of my time worth the struggle.



Summer Travels

After being in PA and CT during the month of April and part of May, we returned to Florida to spend our anniversary at Marco Island, FL (mainly because the reservations had been set a year ago and we did not want to lose the monies/points {time share} were we to cancel). But, as luck would have it, we had to return to PA in late May for an event occurring June 3rd and we are so glad we did. It was my wife’s 60th high school reunion and we found out the night of the dinner/dance that it would be the last time that group of seniors would be getting together for a reunion.

Needless to say, timing was right as was the weather. Traffic was not as hectic as past trips had been and one could say that our return trip was rather “smooth.”   In years past when making this trek north to see relatives and friends, we normally shy away from traveling the I-95 corridor because depending on when you are driving it, you might think that you are on the parking lot from hell!

But, this return trip found us taking I-95 and it must have been the fact that since we were traveling Memorial Day weekend (we left on May 28th), we found the roads free from the usual hordes of drivers heading somewhere and in a hurry to get there.

Such was not the case and while my length of daily driving time has reduced considerably from my younger years – when driving 500 or so miles in a day seemed rather easy, I was amazed that we had traveled 642 miles our first day out. Of course it was a twelve-hour day but like I said – weather and traffic was on our side.

Our second day out found us making it to our destination one day ahead of schedule. Normally it takes us two and two-third days to get from Florida to PA, but this trip found us doing it in two. As a result, we were able to see everyone we had planned to see and also spend more time with each and every one of them.

I am sort of the black sheep of the family as we were all born and raised in the area of Reading, PA and all my kid brothers and sisters still live within thirty minutes of each other. So, we make this trek at least once and sometimes twice a year to stay in touch as we are not getting any younger. Plus it is a good stopping point before heading on to CT to spend time with our oldest son and his family which now includes two great-grandchildren.

While driving such distances is beginning to get “old” as the saying goes – it is smooth” trips such as these that keep us returning year after year! That and the good food we eat once we hit Pennsylvania because in this writers opinion, food from PA Dutch country cannot be beat and will keep us coming back for more.