A few years back we traveled to Great Britain and ten other European countries and thus were “Tourists” in the true sense of the word.  While we had envisioned learning “conversational” French, German, and Spanish prior to embarking on such a journey, as luck would have it, life got in the way and we were left using English and several hand gestures at times to get us through. But it worked.

Fortunately for us though, many Europeans are fluent not only in their native tongue but English as well. Our world is rapidly changing. The demographics of many areas of the country (USA) are seeing an influx of various ethnic groups. And these groups have us at a disadvantage (not their fault) in that these groups know both their native language and speak it but they also know and speak English fluently as well.

During this same European adventure, while on the ship voyage over to England, I casually mentioned to an officer on the ship that I noticed very few Americans were members of the crew. Why was that? Oh, don’t get me wrong, on occasion we would see an American as part of the entertainment troupe but when it came to the majority of the staff – they were mostly from other countries.  The answer did not really surprise me. Think about it! Who frequents cruise trip vacations? Tourists from other parts of the world.

Many passengers on cruise ships speak both English and their native language and as such crew members must be bi-lingual which many Americans are not. As such, not many Americans are hired to work cruise ships.

While this post was written in response to the Word Prompt – Tourist – https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tourist/ if there is a lesson to be learned here – it is that with our rapidly changing demographics and ethnic cultures becoming more of the norm and the fact that we are operating more today on a global network than we have in the past, wouldn’t it be in our country’s best interest to incorporate learning other languages as part of our educational curriculum? How else will our children and our children’s children be able to cope in the world of tomorrow?

But that my fellow readers is just this writer’s opinion and quite possibly the topic for another time.  


2 thoughts on “Tourist

  1. Hey, it worked! Good for you. Your post showed up on the Daily Post Word Prompt page. I’m glad. Also, I can relate to your post today. We did Italy as part of a bus tour a decade ago, and we were gesturing like crazy just to get through the airport. Quite an enlightening experience.

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