It is a Struggle to Find Time to Write

Writing, be it blog posts, short stories, articles for a newsletter or whatever has become a struggle for me. Not because I am at a loss for words but because it would seem that the older I get, the less time I seem to have for those things I truly want to do.

Being retired, one might think that as retirees we have all the time in the world to do anything we set our minds to doing. But, truth be told, that is not always the case. It depends on what we have set as our daily schedule of things to do. Another factor one does not remember to enter into the equation is that being retired and married, our time is not necessarily our own. Leastways not all the time.

Having lived in a 55+ retirement community for over ten years now, I have seen all types of scenarios when it comes to living the retirement life. There are retirees that are single, and retirees that are married. Some married couples do everything together while other married couples have this thing that they must each have their own space.

As a married couple, we are basically like the former – we tend to do quite a bit together and even when we are home, usually we do quite a bit together. Problem with this scenario is when one of the couple has an interest in doing something the other is not interested in. How then do you spend your time?

How does this relate to the word struggle? Well, attempting to find the time to write becomes a struggle. Although if one has a true desire to blog, write, and so forth – one finds the way. In my particular case, I have learned over the years that I do not need much sleep. As a result, I tend to do my writing either early in the morning or late at night.

Individuals reading my blog posts, short stories, or newsletter articles usually have positive comments to share with me and many times indicate that they cannot wait to see what next week’s blog post or next month’s article might be about.

And for me, that makes my making the time to write despite a busy schedule that takes up quite a bit of my time worth the struggle.



About iglengel

Welcome to my blog: I retired in September of 1996 after twenty-five years as an Underwriting Manager (and one year with a smaller insurance company) and have written blog postings on the website prior to setting up this Word Press free site. Having retired almost twenty years ago I have experienced my own retirement transition. I survived and you will too. Oddly enough, now that I have more time, I am discovering various things about myself that I would not have imagined myself doing in retirement. Why does it take so long for, we as individuals, to stop and think about ME!? Join me as I share with you some of the shenanigans we have been up to since retiring. Retirement is and can be a whole lot of fun. Welcome to my site – remember – retirement is not the destination we are seeking – it is the journey! I encourage you to visit often, provide comments, ask questions and add your own insights. We are all on this journey together.
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