Catch – 22

Would you say that technology today is making today’s seniors smarter or causing them to slow down in their thinking process? Smarter because they both choose and embrace the complexity of today’s gadgets? Slower because they choose not to embrace all the complexity and nuances of today’s gadgetry!

As a senior, I must admit, there are times when I do get frustrated with today’s technology. But I am not sure it is due to the complexity of today’s gadgets that are being manufactured.

Being part of an aging population, one of the things we value most “time”.

There comes a point in one’s life when we pause, take a breath, and think to ourselves, “Wow, when did I get this old?” And it is at times such as these that we begin to wonder just how long we still have. Which leads to the next question we ask ourselves and that is: “What is it that I would still like to do while I have the time to do it?”

Do I want to spend my time learning how to operate the latest iPhone, tablet, or new version of an expresso machine, or – do I want to spend that time doing something that I have been hoping to do for years but haven’t had the time to do it?

Personally, as I get older, I am finding that if I allow it – life can become more demanding and complicated than it need be. A good example is our computers. Think about it – how many passwords do we attempt to create and remember. But, the process doesn’t stop there – no – it isn’t just a matter of thinking of a password or passwords that would protect the information we have on our computers. Once passwords have been created, we then have to figure out a way to call upon our mental capacity to remember what those passwords are so as to be able to access the material we are attempting to keep safe.

Talk about a Catch-22 situation!

For me, I must admit, there are many things I could probably be doing with my “smart phone” that I am still not inclined to do primarily because I have not taken the time to learn all its features. Same holds true with my computer and many of the programs installed on it. So, since I own both a smart phone and a computer, I will learn as much as I need to in order to feel comfortable with what I am doing with them and that the information on them is safe.

But…there is my familiar “but”……having reached the age I am and wanting to enjoy my life to the fullest, instead of becoming a soon to be seventy-five old wizard that knows everything there is to know about his smartphone and computer, I choose to spend my time doing other things that mean more to me, such as traveling, line dancing, and reading.

What about you? How are you spending your twilight years?

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