Hi everyone:

Someone a long time ago told me that individuals wouldn’t get anywhere in this big old world of ours if we don’t toot our own horn.

So, with that, allow me to first apologize for providing an incomplete link in a previous post when I asked that you visit a specific site with the intention of reading and hopefully downloading my book: Love – Marriage – Retirement – Gratitude.

Apparently I failed to provide a complete URL address and for that I am truly sorry. Below is the correct site. I would appreciate it if you would check it out and hopefully download my book . And taking it one step further, provide a review of the book so that I can increase my number of hits and hopefully make it to the top ten (preferably top three) Kindle books out there on the subject.

Here is that link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016ATOOLU?keywords=irwi%20lengel&qid=1444693747&ref_=sr_1_sc_1&sr=8-1-spell

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully your reviews.

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