Well, I actually did something on my “Bucket List”, and to be quite frank with everyone, it just fueled my fire creating within me the desire to write on a more frequent basis.

My book about Love Marriage Retirement Gratitude – http://www.amazon.com/Love-Marriage-Retirement-Gratitude-dance-eboo… was just written/published on Amazon as a Kindle book.

The contents of this book is just a sampling of 52 plus years of marriage and 19 years of retirement. Reviews are welcome and solicited.

Writing can be fun – who knows, maybe by reading my book, you might just kindle (now there is a play on words since my book is a Kindle book) a spark or two within yourself and you might just get the urge to write your own book.

Reviews help and so if you are of a mind to, any and all reviews of my book would be greatly appreciated.


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