Good Morning:

Guess what? It is Monday morning! How are you doing this morning? Cheer up – think of today as follows: Instead of saying to yourself – time to start the “rat race” again – you can actually pull those covers back over your head and go back to dreamland for a while. Why? Because we are retirees – we don’t need an alarm clock anymore.

In my particular case, we actually have our alarm clock set for 5:30 AM – what an ungodly hour is that for a retiree to get up? But, such is the case – we set our clocks for that time so that we have time to do some stretching exercises, I have time to take my morning walk, and then there is showering and breakfast time to consider. Oh, that’s right – I still didn’t tell you why we had to get up so early.

It’s because we took it upon ourselves (my wife actually) to teach line dancing to seniors here where we live and the best time for us to have use of the clubhouse is 7:30 or 7:45 AM in the morning. After 9 or 9:30 AM others are using it for meetings, card games, bible study or numerous other activities that go on around here. We are not a bunch of senior citizens that just sit around watching the grass grow.

Some days we go to breakfast after dance, other times it may be a doctor’s appointment and sometimes it is just shopping. Today it will be line dance, breakfast, shopping, and then home unless of course we shop longer than usual. If that happens we will probably have lunch before returning home too. Quite a few days we return home after dance class to make a smoothie or some other type snack and discuss what we are going to do with the balance of the day. I like the days we return because then I know I will be able to sit here at the computer and write an article of two.

Bottom line is that even though we are in our mid to late seventies, we are not of a mind to slow down – not just yet anyway. We still have a lot more dancing, traveling, and sight-seeing to do. So, with that let me just say – it is now time to wake up, get your day started and see what mischief you can get into. After all, why should our kids have all the fun!

Until next time.

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