Of the seven quotes I entered into my journal this week, the one that stands out the most and would be the best one to describe my week would be the following:

“I want to do it because I want to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

I picked this one because for more years than I want to even think about, I have always wanted to write a book – why? Because as Ms. Earhart so aptly said – “I want to do it because I want to do it.” Well, I am now in week three of my endeavor to write my first ever book albeit a Kindle book. Wish me luck as my deadline for finishing it is the end of this month.


As far as my reporting on anything spectacular about this week’s weather, news, and/or events that occurred this week, nothing spectacular has happened. I do know that we have finally remembered why we are usually on vacation at this time of the year and that is because it rains so much here in Central Florida at this time of the year. We have had our fair share of rain each and every day for the past several weeks. Enough already!

Regarding the news – nothing reported that I would even care to discuss. Here are some of the headlines of current news events: 1 dead after train collides with car in Auburndale; respected clerk of court killed in Lakeland crash; man 20, charged with murder in Polk Co shooting; Two killed in morning head-on crash in Mulberry. Is it any wonder why we prefer not to watch or listen to the news. We never hear any good news – I guess it is only the bad news that our press feels is worth printing.


Still on my walking regimen and not doing bad with it. My routine is fifteen minutes of stretching followed by forty minutes of walking which actually covers two plus miles. In addition – after returning home and eating breakfast followed by a quick shower, I am off to line dance practice which can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Staying fit as we age is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. One of the things I have noticed the older I get is that after reaching a certain age, our bodies tend to change. Our skin wrinkles (although I haven’t seen too many wrinkles lately), hair thins although mine is still quite full albeit somewhat finer than what it has been up til now, and our arms and legs usually tend to get thinner.

Personally it has not bothered me to see how my body has aged but then, I do not find myself standing in front of a mirror looking at my naked self often either. Actually why worry about what it took a lifetime to make – it isn’t going to change – and unless your body is failing you in some way or another – best thing to do is keep up the good work in how you have maintained your body up til now. That is my way of looking at this particular phase of my life. How does that line go – “That’s my story and I am sticking to it!”


Last time I wrote about “comfort” although it was comfort food I was speaking of. This week I think I will briefly post my comments as to the word peace.

Peace is a period of harmony between different social groups that is characterized by lack of violence or conflict behaviors, and the freedom from fear of violence.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in this great big world of ours could truly identify with the word peace and it’s meaning as shown above. Unfortunately there have been periods of disruption, uprisings, violence, and so forth as far back as many of us can remember. I just think it would be great if our grandchildren or at least our great-grandchildren could look forward to a world that was more prone to peace than violence. Live and let live is my motto. As long as my neighbor respects me as a person, doesn’t try to make me into something I am not, and I, in turn treat them in the same manner, shouldn’t we all get along? But then I am but a common man! What do I know?


As to what my goals, ideas, and so forth for a better tomorrow might be – good health and happiness for my family comes to mind. Being able to visit our children at least one more time this year would be nice. Spending more time with friends and neighbors within our community is something we are looking forward to. Wishing our politicians would spend more time telling us how they are going to get our country back on track instead of bashing and bad-mouthing each other would make me think that tomorrow might be better – perhaps not exactly tomorrow but at least on the horizon.

Well I am coming to the end of this post and just want to say that each of us interact with what is happening around us over the course of time in a different fashion. Some of us look only at the negativity, while others look at the positive side of the equation. I mentioned that we usually do not follow the news because it would appear that all they want to report or tell us is negative issues and that is true. Myself however, I prefer only to hear about the positive things that are happening. If that makes me an ostrich hiding my head in the sand – so be it.  Knowing that I will soon be three-quarters of a century old, my thought process is that at my age, I have seen and experienced enough negative things in my life. I want to be surrounded by happy positive thoughts not negative ones.

Time now to enjoy positive ones!  Life may not be the party we hoped for….but while we are here we might as well dance!

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