Every morning either before my walk or after it, I write in my daily journal and I usually begin each day with a familiar quote. Having decided this morning to try once again to get into a routine of writing a post for this blog at least once a week, I have thought of several specific items I would comment on.

First thing that came to mind were the quotes I write each morning. I have looked at the past seven days (since last Sunday) and in reviewing each of the quotes I had written – two of them in particular sort of sums up how I feel at this particular moment.

The first is a quote by Martha Grimes – “We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do.” And the other is a quote by James Leo Herlihey – “Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you’re doing it wrong.”

I have been looking at my desire to blog all wrong. I read a lot – my emails in the morning take up quite a bit of time to get through. And that does not begin to cover the time I waste in looking at Facebook. Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is a good way to keep up with family especially in our situation since many of them live in other states and we do not get to see them or even talk to them often. But, as I am sure those of you that do frequent Facebook will agree, it has gotten so that one sees about as much news on Facebook as we do on television. So much so, that one might ask “Why do we need television anymore?”

In the past, I know that based on all this material I have seen and read (Facebook, email and so forth) – I attempt to form my own opinion of this material. Naturally the thought process is that I would eventually write a blog post about this material putting my own spin on it. But I never follow through and my educated guess is that the reason I don’t is because it isn’t me. My blog posts are supposed to be my thoughts about whatever is on my mind on any given day not the thoughts of others.

So, future posts will be basically about the following topics:

My idea as to which of the seven quotes I posted in my daily journal sort of sums up my feelings about the week.

Possible comment(s) about the weather, news, or some other event that may have happened during the week.

Perhaps a comment related to exercise and health be it mine or someone else close to me – or not!

A magical moment – and by this I mean I may provide some comment or statements related to comfort, peace, and love.

And last but not least, a word or two about my thoughts that pertain to a better tomorrow.

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