Two weeks ago we attended our granddaughter’s high school graduation ceremony and other than being there to celebrate her special moment, we thoroughly enjoyed the Guest Speaker’s Commencement Address. As part of a continuing program the school instituted a few years back, the school reached out to a former alumna, Class of 1999 to speak to the graduating class.

As we sat there listening to the remarks, comments, and words of wisdom this speaker provided the graduates, my mind wandered back – back to my high school years and found me wishing that I had paid more attention to my school work and what life had to offer. Understand, looking at my beginnings and then fast-forwarding to where we are today, I must say I am not unhappy with our lot in life. But I will go on record as saying that had I been a bit more curious, adventurous, and let us just say a bit more inquisitive at that point in my life – one does have to wonder where I would or might be today.

This was a small graduating class (109 students in all) but the neat part about it was that forty percent of the class received High Honors and Distinctions along with a grade point average of 4.00 and above (and yes our granddaughter was part of this forty percent). Twenty-seven percent had High Honors along with a grade point average of 3.500 to 3.999 and the remaining students graduating were divided equally with half graduating with Honors and grade point averages between 3.200 and 3.499 and the other half being distinguished graduates.

So, apparently – at least in our little corner of the world – we do have some students still of the opinion that an education means something and are working towards bettering themselves so that they might go on to become as successful as they can in whatever position they end up with in life.

One thing I did mention to our granddaughter as she entered this new phase of her life was that she continue being optimistic so that she too will persevere. Everyone potentially has the ability to fulfill their wildest dreams. As students embark on this next chapter of their lives – they will find themselves on their way up. With attitudes such as those presented last evening by the graduating class of 2015, I have no doubt that at least the students of this class will be seeing many sights and will join the high flyers as they soar to great heights.

It makes one feel real good inside to attend such an affair and see that some portion of our students are heading in the right direction.

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