As we get older, one begins to wonder where and how the balance of our lives will play out. While many of us would like to remain in close proximity to our children, how many of us actually feel that they would want to take on the added responsibility of caring for us when we truly get into those twilight years. While it is true, for the most part, my wife and I are still quite able to fend for ourselves (as evidenced by the unusually long trip we took last year), we too, wonder what we will do – say ten years from now when we are octogenarians.

Let’s face it, depending upon the residence and surroundings one lives in, the ideal place would be to stay put. In our case, however, that has been the subject of debate for quite a long time now. Unfortunately when we purchased the house we are presently in, we were looking at size as we were down-sizing but didn’t want to part with too much of our past. Long story short, the house fit the needs but the house did not truly fit the desires of the home we would have liked to end up in.

We have this vision of being in a house that backs up to a reserve, if you will, that will enable us to sit and have our morning coffee while looking at the forest and/or wildlife that may be scampering about shortly after daybreak. Or perhaps a house that has a view of the ocean, river, or lake so that we might sit having our morning coffee listening to the waves slap gently upon the shore. These are but a few of the amenities we had on our list of things our next house must have when we moved to where we are now and I am sad to say, that while the house might meet our needs in other ways, it does not meet the needs we were looking forward to when we begin to slow down physically.

True, there is the possibility that we could find such an ideal home as a rental (could even be a rental apartment versus a home) but having been homeowners for the majority of our adult lives, do we want to give up that control we have been so used to for fifty plus years now? Decisions, decisions, decisions! Even in retirement, certain decisions tend to haunt us and create havoc in what one would have hoped would be a stress-free environment. But then – what might cause stress in one environment can actually spark new life into others (my wife loves to pack up and move). I swear I married a gypsy but then her parents moved every two to three years when she was a kid – so I have come to accept it as a way of life (last count, we ourselves have moved more than twenty times in our married life).

So, the moral of this story is that you are only as young as you feel and even in retirement, life can be truly exciting. Especially when the idea you might be tossing around involves picking up and moving to another location – one more conducive to the lifestyle you had in mind when it came to what and how you intended to spend your retirement years!

Think about it – gotta admit – the thought of picking up and moving does sound challenging – doesn’t it? Does that mean we have not been put out to pasture just yet? Who knows? Stay tuned.

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