For those of you that tend to read various blogs on a daily or possibly weekly basis, I am sure chances are you will find that most blogs today – leastways when it comes to seniors and retirement – are written by females. While I am pretty certain that the reason for this is the fact that there are more elder women than men, I would go one step further and say that for whatever reason, women are more apt to set up a blog so that they can say what is on their minds – which good, bad, or indifferent – is something we men don’t do as well. Some of us that is.

I have noticed this at some of the gatherings we have here within the community that I live. For the most part, on Saturday morning coffee get-togethers and/or on game night, women tend to outnumber the men quite often. I am pretty sure that is because women usually outlive us men and as a result there more widows around than single men.

Some would say that men that have reached the age of seventy or above tend to fall apart whereas women go right on with whatever activities they usually do, if for no other reason, than to get through the day. I would have to disagree with this analogy. In many cases it is merely a difference of what activities men enjoy versus the activities women enjoy. True, some men might enjoy a game of bridge (which women seem to love) but for the most part, I am certain that there are many men that would prefer piddling in their garage and/or workshop occupying their hands and time building something or tearing something apart to see what makes it ticks. I doubt seriously that many women in their seventies or older would get a kick out of such activities.

In addition, while many women look forward to the luncheons they attend together (Red Hat Luncheons come to mind), men have similar outings such as when a group of them get together for either lunch or a dinner get-together. And let us not forget golfing several days a week although within our community we have men’s teams, women’s teams, and mixed teams. Fact of the matter is that depending on the community involved, I would have to say that both groups make it a point to stay involved with various social gatherings.

Staying involved or engaged with others our age during retirement provides a meaningful relationship for those of us no longer abiding by the 9-5 regimen a full-time job provided us with. While it would appear that women do this better than men as we get older, fact is that retirement is what we – those of us that are retired – make of it. Spending time socially is equally important for both sexes as we take this journey called “retirement.”

It may be true that we no longer have the camaraderie of the workplace once we leave it but our social circle of friends within the community we chose to live out our retirement years is an excellent place to create new friends thus developing a camaraderie of individuals seeking the same thing we are which should be to have fun, develop, albeit newer, relationships that hopefully will become lasting relationships, become more open-minded, and look forward to serving our community (we may be old but we are not dead).

This is the time for us to explore our interests we did not have time for when working and raising a family; or now that we are forging new friendships, perhaps we could try more exhilarating new interests with other members of the community.

Remember this is our life and we should keep the following in mind when thinking about how we want to spend our final years now that we are retired:

Life is not a journey to the grave
With the intention of
Arriving safely in a pretty
And well preserved body,
But rather to skid in broadside,
Thoroughly used up,
Totally worn out,
And loudly proclaiming,

WOW !!!! What a ride!

Until next time!

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