One of the things that has been on my mind quite often lately and more so the older we get is how we seem to be so busy enjoying this time in our lives that we may – not consciously however – put our friends and loved ones – especially our loved ones aside because we have – in our mind – something more urgent to attend to.

Fact of the matter is that the older we get, the more we should be recognizing that fewer and fewer things are truly more important than the fundamental relationships in our lives and I am speaking of the relationships we have with our children and our friends. Who can be more important than our children as we get older knowing full well that sooner or later we will have to depend on them to come see us because we will no longer be in a position to drive to them. Of course, there are always planes and trains to utilize but the point to be made here is that the older we get, the more we should be sure that our relationships with our children are first and foremost in our lives.

One could also say that we should be sure to keep our relationships current when it comes to our closest friends as well. Friends, as well as family and loved ones, are important at this point in our lives, because true friendships are genuinely more important than some of the minor consequences in our daily lives.

In our household we make it a point to try and talk to each of our children at least once a week even though two of them are clear across the country (one in CA and one in CT with the youngest and the third child being within ten minutes of us). It is our way of letting them know that we are all right and we also get the opportunity of being bought up to date with what is happening in their lives as well.

Where did all this come from? It came to mind recently upon reading one of the many poems written by Robert Frost:

A Time to Talk

When a friend calls to me from the road

And slows his horse to a meaning walk,

I don’t stand still and look around

On all the hills I haven’t hoed.

And shout from where I am, ‘What is it?’

No, not as there is a time to talk.

I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground,

Blade-end up and five feet tall,

And plod: I go up to the stone wall

For a friendly visit.                

Moral or purpose of this article: One of the most important things in our life is the ability to talk to our friends and loved ones (children) when they need an ear as it can be one of the most valuable things we can do, not only for our children and other people, but for ourselves as well.

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