Today’s post provides some of my thoughts on various modern day conveniences we use today that, while worthwhile, d0 present problems for some of us due to our size and stature or our current mental stability – or instability!  Having said that, allow me to turn the conversation to some of our modern day conveniences – some of which are already being replaced with more modern technology. I refer you to the container in the restrooms that hold the paper we are to dry our hands with. What very tall person must have invented that? Should you be out to dinner one evening ladies and find your eating companion returning to the dinner table wiping his arms as though he just showered , believe me when I say he came from a bathroom that had the paper towel dispenser mounted approximately six feet from the floor. Is it any wonder they are replacing these modern day conveniences with a… wait for it…. “high powered blow dryer” that makes you feel -when leaving the bathroom as though you are going into surgery…….. as the incoming surgeon ready to operate!

Another pet peeve of mine has to do with grocery stores. Why do they insist on relocating  the merchandise in each aisle every couple of months? Don’t they know we are senior citizens? Recently we went into one of our favorite supermarkets only to find that the yogurt is now at a different location as were several other items we purchase on a regular basis. Do they do this to keep us on our toes and alert? While not happy with the change – I must admit – it is working!

And what is it with doctors today? Why do their appointment clerks make several appointments for patients at the same hour? Our last visit was set for four o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. We were taken into the exam room at approximately 4 o’clock. The nurse took our vitals and left the room. At approximately 4:45 PM, I decided to scout the halls to see if our doctor was even there. Fact of the matter is that I stumbled upon the room where the doctor and nurses were and each one of them was working on their computer. The doctor, upon seeing me, apologized and said she would be there in just a few minutes. 5:10 PM she finally came into the room. True, we are retired and my educated guess is that her time is more valuable than ours – but is it? Think about it, who knows, our clock could have run out at 5:05 PM and then who would she have billed?

Here is another pet peeve of mine – it has to do with movie theaters. Why is it that when attending a movie theater, you find your seat that happens to be in the center of the theater about seven rows up from where you entered the theater and no sooner than you are settled in – another couple enters this theater and – you got it – where do they choose to sit? In the row in front of you and yes you are right – not only do they sit in the row in front of you but they also decide to park themselves directly in the two seats in front of you as well! Why does this bug me? Because – on this particular day – in this theater that probably seats over 150 people – there are only ten patrons (two of which are us, six are scattered all throughout the theater), and these two recent additions decide to sit directly in front of us. Why? Do we not live right? Someone please help me figure this out.

Okay, I am done ranting and raving today. Just a few of my pet peeves and for what it is worth, I feel so much better now that I have gotten it all out of my system ………………… NOT …………….. but at least I shared it with you.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Crazy world we live in!

  1. Took the Grands to the movies recently and it was one of those SuperMovie theaters where you could order food and drinks, including beer and mixed, brought to the seat, the chairs were big comfy recliners, and it was 3D huge screen and it felt as though you were IN the movie. In this case, Jurassic Park! It was quite an experience for Sweet Terry and I, as we grew up in the days of 25cent movies, orange colored stale popcorn, and warm syrupy soda. But to our dear Grands, this is all very common place normal way of going to the movies.

  2. My pet peeve is people saying “expresso” when they mean “espresso”. I was in a supermarket recently, and I saw a coffee cup for sale with the word “expresso” on it. Honestly, it was all I could do to stop myself smashing the whole lot there and then!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. My wife and I are firm believers in that old adage “Use it or lose it” hence the reason we still dance 4 days a week. When not dancing, we are piddling around the house or traveling to see our children or just traveling. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. You’re more than welcome! You’re kind enough to stop by my page, as well as offering kind words of encouragement. I actually love the way – and what – you write. I’ll be stopping by more often.

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