Below is a list of things I do to keep my days of retirement interesting. I know there are a few on my list that will not be applicable but I include them so as to provide food for thought as to what type activities you may be interested in. For example – I include line dancing primarily because we enjoy doing it. It is a hobby, if you will, that provides both physical exercise as well as mental exercise (it isn’t easy to remember several 64 count dance routines). But some of you may prefer to go to the gym to stay in shape or do crosswords to keep your mind active.

It’s the list of things I try to do every day. Yes, there are days when I don’t get them all done, but I do my best to accomplish most of them daily. It has proven very effective for me. They are:

  1. Read – What do you enjoy reading about? Mysteries? Humor? Biographies? Health? Attempt to make it a point to read something related to what your interests are so as to keep your mind active. And by choosing a topic you are interested in – chances are you will stay with it once started.
  2. If computer literate – send two or more emails to touch base with old friends and relatives.
  3. Write – I have been keeping a daily journal for longer than I can remember and I find it to be very satisfying. At times I look back at some of my writings and think – how boring – same old, same old, but then there are some days that the entries cause me to sit up and take notice of how much we have seen and done since the first day of our retirement and that in and of itself reminds me how fortunate we have been.
  4. Check in with a long lost relative to see how they are doing. You might be surprised to learn how much they might like hearing from you.
  5. Prepare a short-term list of little jobs you may want to do around the house.
  6. Give serious thought to what, if anything, your home needs to be sure it will satisfy your needs as you grow older. Grab bars in the bathroom and shower area come to mind. And then devise a plan to make it happen.
  7. Review your top three goals or objectives for the upcoming year. Ours are some home projects, more travel (having kids spread across the country does keep us on the go), and improve our health (more exercise and eating right).
  8. Prepare five valuable pieces of information that will assist your relatives should you become confined to your home or hospitalized in the coming year.
  9. Take a full minute to appreciate what you have and how far you’ve come.

This list could be longer. BUT…

If it was longer, we wouldn’t be as good at getting them all done. This list has to be manageable to you. Of course, in this particular instance, doing some of these things is a one-time job and all that need be done in future years is to keep the list updated. Having created items such as those mentioned free you up to add a few more tasks to your daily list. But, in making a list – be it a list of five or a list of ten items – make them the five or ten items you choose to do with consistency. Why? Over the years, you will find that they will tend to make your life easier. And let’s face it – as we age, easy is good! By being consistent with the completion of these tasks hopefully the collective results will enable you to have less stress in your life, making your life and retirement seem more worthwhile.

What things do you do every day to make your retirement living a fun time of your life?

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