Okay – today is the first day of a new year. What does that mean? A fresh start – a means to look at today as a new chapter in a life waiting to be written! When I think about it, today is a new day – new questions – questions wherein the answers will enable us to discover new things about ourselves.

Hopefully the changes created as a result of these questions will provide each and every one of us a year of enchantment and self-discovery.   The writer in me looks at today as a way to whittle out a quiet pause in the action (thinking back to the year 2014) enabling me to dream with pen in hand hoping that I may just find my muse and start writing again. After all, I once read that when you let yourself choose what feels right in the moment, you learn who you really are, how to recognize when you are changing, and why it’s so important to respect your values, at all costs.

So this will be a short post today as I am just glad 2014 is over. Tomorrow will be the second day of this brand new year and yet another day to smile, be happy, and content that we are still upright and taking nourishment.

Until next time!

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