Okay, so we were sitting there for forty-five minutes just waiting for our doctor to come in and discuss our latest blood work with us. I was becoming impatient. But why? We are retired and what else do we have to do with our time. But then again, just because we are retired, doesn’t mean that we are to be ignored.

Upon appearing in the office, she apologized for the delay. Apparently someone was squeezed in before us and it took longer than she had anticipated. But, not to worry, the one thing we liked about our new Healthcare provider was that she was extremely thorough and spends quite a bit of time with us when she does appear explaining her findings in detail. Plus, when done, she asks us if we have any questions for her that she may not have covered. She may be a keeper.

Having set up our next appointment, as we were leaving, the thought occurred to me that I should learn to be a bit more tolerant as we end the year 2014. After all 2015 will be the year I turn age 75 and I must admit, it is a milestone I would like to be around for.

So, no rants and raves today but instead a little reminder to myself that we are not getting any younger and really at our age do not need to be in a rush for anything – especially when waiting to see the doctor. Why the change in attitude from the above which found me getting disturbed and upset because we were kept waiting for over forty-five minutes? Because, after getting over the “only thinking about me attitude,” I thought to myself – somewhere – someone – is waiting for their doctor to enter the room to see them, and the news they may receive might not be as good as ours was.

At our age, time, hopefully should be looked upon as our friend. Why rush it? Especially if we are fairly healthy, still have our faculties (OK, I know what many of you may be  thinking – “but does he still have all his faculties?”) and can get around well without any assistance from others. Fact of the matter is – If I slow my mind down a little as well as my body including all that I intend to put on my plate on any given day, so to speak, who knows, I may just get to do the many things I still want to do that make me happy.

After all, I think it is important at our age to do that which makes us happy as opposed to what others may want us to do and being retired, we should be able to make that happen. Hopefully 2015 will be a new beginning involving more reading, writing, dancing, and yes – more traveling. As we have already told our children – it is up to them to plan for their future because we are spending their inheritance.

Until next time!

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