Still dark outside – will that change after this weekend? Why? Because we turn our clocks back one hour this coming Sunday evening. Will we ever do away with Daylight Savings Time? With today’s modern technology – what are we actually saving by changing times twice a year? Does anyone even remember why we did it in the first place? Having lived in Arizona back in the 70’s, I must admit it was nice to have the same times all year long as that state does not change their time twice a year – it is the same time all year long!

OK, one more thing I need to get off my chest while I am in the ranting and raving mood. This coming Tuesday, November 4th, is voting day. Here is my rant on that subject: Will there ever come a time that we look forward to go to the polls to vote.? And by that I mean that we actually look forward to going because we believe in the person or persons we are intending to vote for. You know that someone that we think will make a difference. For far too many years now all we tend to hear from our representatives in Congress come voting time is that “So and So” is bad and corrupt or that the other candidate is a crook and so forth and so on.  When will we see a political campaign that explains what the candidate thinks is wrong with the system (and hopefully his or her view of the problems is based on what we, the people – his or her constituents, would like to see changed) instead of this “mud-slinging, airing of everyone’s dirty laundry, and let’s see who can out-bash the other candidate the most mentality that seems to prevail in Washington today!

Frankly, I for one, am fed up with it. At one time I had respect for one particular party, was not particularly fond of the other party but lately, I am not sure I want to be associated with either one of them. I am beginning to think like many people I know today which is  that we should vote the entire bunch of them out and start fresh with a whole new breed of politicians. But then I would also like to retire to a quiet island and enjoy pina coladas every day too – fat chance of either one happening.

Okay, I am done!

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